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Imagine yourself a bride on your wedding day and you walk into the reception hall, and nothing’s ready!  This was what a Mr. Mann’s Design client saw 6 hours before the ceremony.  The bride’s maid of honor wanted to ‘surprise’ the bride with a wedding.  She asked the bride what theme she would like the wedding to be.  The bride chose ‘beach’.  For expert help, the maid of honor contacted Craig Mann to design and produce the wedding which would prove a challege since the wedding was in the middle of the country in Iowa thousands of miles from the beach!

The Mr. Mann’s Design team spent several weeks with the event planning, adding unique details such as a huge custom painted beach backdrop which the newlyweds could keep as a momento of the day.  The empty wedding hall was literally transformed into an elegant, evocative space replete with custom made tropical flowers hand made of paper, overhead lights which softened the natural light, and an aisle made to look like sand on which the wedding party would walk to the custom backdrop stage.

The bride was visibly nervous seeing the empty hall in the beginning, but tears of joy flowed on the happiest day of her life when she saw the effort and love that the design team put into her very unique wedding day.

Using the bespoke approach applied to interior design, Mr. Mann’s Design can also do event planning for any occasion, from weddings, to birthdays, to family reunions!

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