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I was reading one of my previous blogs, about one year ago today on October 27, 2020, ‘Pandemic Evolution.’  Just like many people, it was an uncertain time for knowing what the future would hold.

We took a chance, and participated in a group show at the Stephen Baumbach Gallery for their ‘Arid Beauty’ exhibition.  We were introduced to Stephen Baumbach through another artist. Craig Mann had just completed a series of painting which he wanted professionally photographed, and was recommended to Stephen. While at his studio, we were introduced to his directors Chad and TIm who were also about to open a group show, and had one more small wall available which could accommodate two paintings.  We had four paintings that could be used for the ‘Arid Beauty’ exhibit, so had no reason not to partipate.

‘Joshua Tree’ and ‘Monument Valley 1’ were the two that Craig chose.  ‘Joshua Tree’ was the first painting sold early in the exhibit.  THis was soon followed by ‘Monument Valley 1’, then soon followed by the two other desert paintings in rotation ‘Monument Valley 2’ and ‘Springtime in Joshua Tree’.

From there, we decided to sign on with the Stephen Baumbach Gallery for a solo show in 2021.  This show also proved to be a near sell out, which allowed us to think about finding a gallery of our own (another interesting blog coming up!)

So the seeds planted in 2020 bore fruit in 2021.  We are still so humbled by the speed of the success, and thank our supporters such as the Stephen Baumbach Gallery, our new patrons who have bought multiple pieces, our friends and family.

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