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Just before the pandemic lockdowns, we were having a drink at a favorite bar.  We knew the lockdowns were coming because other major cities were issuing the mandates, so we wanted to enjoy one more gathering.  We love sitting and eating at bars because it fosters converation and comraderie with those sittting next to you.  I think it’s a given that even strangers who sit next to strangers expect interaction.  I think all bar people know and choose this.

We sat next to a handsome young couple who were clearly very happy in each others company.  They smiled frequently at each other, and shared little secret conversations which brought them closer together.  Clearly they were in love.

The woman caught our attention, and told Craig she loved his shirt, which was of daisy-like flowers.  She said they were her favorite flowers and she was going to choose them for her wedding bouquet.  Of course this led to other conversation and introduction to her fiance, the man with her. Despite dark November days ahead, their world was bright and sunny andblooming.

We toasted them with champagne for their lives ahead.  Craig left inspired to paint his ‘Super Bloom’ series.

Two years later, after vaccinations and variants, we were able to return to our favorite bar.  With precautions, we were able to enjoy comraderie and conversations once again.

This time, we sat next to a man who came in by himself. He was also of an open disposition, and conversation happened easily.  We have just opened Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery and were telling him about the successful opening we had.  We thumbed through some photos of the current exhibit ‘Nature of Light’ and spent some time on the Super Bloom series, and the story which inspired it.

It turned out that the man knew of the story, because he was the couple’s father.  The couple recently married because their big celebration had to be postponed due to the lockdowns. Appreciating how things had come full circle, he bought the painting immediately as their wedding present to them.

As the saying goes, life goes on.  Pandemic or not, human interaction and creativity blooms.

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