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Painting Parties at Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery!

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery offers a fun place to learn or refine painting skills. Imagine a memorable event for a birthday party, or retirement event, or wedding, or just a reason to gather together and meet new people.

Part of the gallery is connected to an intimate space with a separate entrance.  Craig Mann has designed the space as a ‘Painter’s Studio’ complete with easels, work space, supplies, music, and everything you or your guests need for a one-of-a-kind celebration.  It’s an immersive event into fine art!

Reasonably priced, your experience comes with canvas, paint, brushes, apron, bag and two hours of a relaxed joyful experience with food and refreshments included.

You don’t have to be part of a group either.  You can use the time as an island of calm to tap into your inner creativity.

The painting parties will have themes, such as ‘Weekend in Paris’ or ‘Still Life with Wine and Grapes’, complete with food and surprises to match.  Or set your own theme and we can take care of the details for an artisanal occasion!

Sample pricing*:
$100 per person per painting party
$150 per person per painting party, 1 frame included which you can frame
$175 per person per painting party, 1 frame included if you’d like us to frame it for you
(* 1:1 classes or exclusive events also available.  Call for pricing)
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Or contact us for more details!
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Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
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