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Elevate your Painting Experience at Mr. Mann’s!
Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery offers three ways to elevate your painting experience: Painting Parties, Painting Classes, or your own Painting Studio.

Painting Parties

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery offers a fun place to learn or refine painting skills. Imagine a memorable event for a birthday party, or retirement event, or wedding, or just a reason to gather together and meet new people.

Part of the gallery is connected to an intimate space with a separate entrance.  Craig Mann has designed the space as a ‘Painter’s Studio’ complete with easels, work space, supplies, music, and everything you or your guests need for a one-of-a-kind celebration.  It’s an immersive event into fine art!

Reasonably priced, your experience comes with two hours of a relaxed instructed painting by a professional artist in an intimate setting. Canvas, paint, and apron are provided along with breaks which include refreshments.  An upgraded option also includes framing for your art, embroidered apron, food and enhanced beverages.

You don’t have to be part of a group either.  You can use the time as an island of calm to tap into your inner creativity.

The painting classes will have a curriculum, or book a one time theme, such as ‘Weekend in Paris’ or ‘Still Life with Wine and Grapes’, complete with food and surprises to match.  Or set your own theme and we can take care of the details for an artisanal occasion!

Sample pricing:
$75 per person per class or event
$125 per person per class or event, upgraded experience with framed art, embroidered apron, food and beverage enhancement

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Painting Classes 

Have you always been interested in exploring your creative side through painting but need more guidance by an experienced tutor? Or are you an experienced painter but want to hone your skills even further?

We’ve found participants at our Painting Parties asking for more!!!

Craig Mann, as a successful fine arts painter, shares his experience and knowledge for both the novice and the knowledgeable painter through painting classes in a structured curriculum.  The classes are small with no more than six students so that each painter can spend their time productively learning their skills.

The classes are structured around specific topics such as ‘Landscape/Sky’, or ‘Pop Art’, or ‘Still Life’, or ‘Scale’.  Choose one or all four classes, bespoke to your skill and need.  The ‘graduation’ includes an exhibit of your work if you wish, to highlight your introduction to the world of art.

The classes are three hours long each, and include your canvas, apron, palette, and simple refreshment.  No tools?  We have you covered with an artist case including 16 piece brush set and 16 tubes of paint for an extra charge. 

Classes are scheduled for Saturdays from 1p to 4p, but can also be arranged throughout the week for 1:1 classes.

Sample pricing:

$150 per class including canvas, apron, palette, simple refreshment for a 3 hour tutored class in an intimate setting, plus your own art exhibit at graduation at Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery.

$360 extra one time fee if you need an artist's case with 16 piece brush set and 16 tubes of paint

You may bring your own brush set and paints if you wish.

These are the class types to choose from:

       A.     Landscape/Sky

       B.     Scale

       C.     Still Life

       D.     Pop Art 

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Painting Studio

Want more practice after your classes, or do you need space to expand your creativity?  Not enough space in your home, or worried about getting paint on your furniture and floors?  Trying to find solitude so your cat doesn’t disturb you?

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery can offer painting studio workspace with instruction during days when there are no group classes or parties in session.  You get your own work space in the Painter’s Studio, and can stay the day to work on your masterpiece.  One paint set included as an introductory offer.

This offer is only for those who have participated in a painting party or a painting class.

Sample pricing:
Painting Studio workspace for 3 hours with instruction: $450
Additional 3 hour workspace time is $450 per 3 hours.

Introductory offer includes one time paint set: 18 tubes of paint, palette, apron, set of 16 brushes, 20 x 20 professional canvas.  Frames are additional at $50.  Extra paint also available for purchase.

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Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
4501 E. Sunny Dunes Rd, Suite B
(entrance on Vella Rd)
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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Palm Springs Inspiring

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Come experience the unique art and design of Craig Mann in his first Palm Springs exhibit.  Inspired by the vistas and lifestyles of Palm Springs, the exhibit features the multi-talented approach Mr. Mann has for art and design.  The show highlights the abstract, expressionist, cubist, and realist techniques Mr. Mann has developed throughout his career. His pieces have inspired his patrons to use his design services to showcase their paintings.  

Please contact us for our affordable pricing and availability.  
760-409-6388 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Interior Design

Mr. Craig Mann is an accomplished interior designer whose career spans decades with happy repeat clients throughout the United States.  His approach is similar to that of creating fine art paintings: based on a client’s preferences and needs, he can design unique interiors and living spaces, whether mid century modern, traditional, transitional, or modern minimal.

Mr. Mann's services include:

• Full Interior Design Service
• Space Planning
• Computer Renderings
• Sample Boards
• Color Schemes
• Room Staging
• Accessories

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Fine Art

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Mr. Craig Mann has been creating unique pieces of art since childhood, winning contests at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art where he grew up.  He has an innate skill for color and composition which give his paintings a unique quality.  Mr. Mann is also not limited to one style, which spans impressionistic use of light and color, abstract modern pieces filled with color, realistic paintings of desert and rural landscapes.  All of the paintings share balance and depth, and have impressed patrons to the galleries where he has exhibited.  He can create special commissioned work also, interpreting client preferences and needs.  Mr. Mann’s paintings are competitively priced to make fine art accessible for his clients. His patrons have also used his interior design services to enhance their living spaces through works of art.
Mr. Mann’s available paintings are on display at his exclusive Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery.

Please contact us for our affordable pricing and availability, including print reproductions. 
760-409-6388 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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