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'Modern Impressions’

Opens Saturday October 21, 2023 4p-7p

Impressionism has been one of my favorite movements in the art world.  I love how the 19th century masters interpreted an ordinary world with extraordinary results.

Using similar techniques with short and repetitive brush strokes, I’ve interpreted commonplace desert scenes with changing angles and prisms.  The result is a reflection of the human experience in desert life.

When looking at the paintings, ask yourself if you are looking through a mirage, or a haboob? Is the barren desert landscape playing tricks on my eyes and allowing me to see color where there is sand and rock?

Spend time gazing and interpreting the art in your own way, and immerse in the experience for another impression of the modern landscapes we live in.

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
4501 E. Sunny Dunes Rd (entrance on Vella Rd)
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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