Nature of Light

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‘Nature of Light’ Exhibit, October 9, 2021
When does light become art?  Light is an essential element that permeates life.  Without light, paintings cannot come to life.

Craig Mann’s latest exhibit ‘Nature of Light’ highlights his use of light as a technique.  Because light is a common theme, there are several different styles to these paintings, including Abstract, Realism, Impressionism. Interestingly, some paintings highlight the ‘dark’ of light and how the lack of light can accentuate beams of light themselves.  The landscapes provided by nature itself have inspired many of the paintings.  Many of the vistas of the desert in the Springtime when nature comes to life.

The exhibit is exclusive to the Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery, but can also be appreciated through the gallery below or the virtual gallery above.

‘Nature of Light’
Opening October 9, 2021
Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
4501 E. Sunny Dunes Rd, Suite B (entrance on Vella Rd)
Palm Springs, CA 92264


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