Color Burst and Earth Bound: Dual Exhibits

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‘Color Burst and Earth Bound: Dual Exhibits
Opens July 30, 2022

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery is highlighting Craig Mann’s art in two exhibits: Color Burst in the Main Gallery, and Earth Bound in the Incubator 1 Gallery.

These dual exhibits both complement and compete in playful and provocative ways. Color gradually fades into the colors of the earth.  

As the premier painting suggests, two meanings lie beneath one as if to ‘pull back the curtain’.
The exhibits are exclusive  to Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery and can be appreciated throughout the virtual gallery above, or the photos below.'
‘Color Burst and Earth Bound: Dual Exhibits’
Opening Saturday July 30, 2022 
Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
4501 E. Sunny Dunes Rd (entrance on Vella Rd)
Palm Springs, CA 92264


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