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Mr. Mann is honored that so many patrons have supported his art and have acquired his paintings.  In response to the pandemic, Mr. Mann started painting in his home as an outlet to his creative thought.  With his success, he is now excited to announce that he has an exclusive art studio and gallery, Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery.  The studio and gallery is located in an industrial area South of the Airport in Palm Springs, California.  The neighborhood has a vibe similar to the Meatpacking district in New York before the high end stores moved in, and is known as ’SOTA’ in reference to its location.
The studio and gallery space has been extensively designed to highlight Craig Mann’s artistry and is divided into a main gallery, with two additional gallery extensions for multi-use purposes such as exhibitions within exhibitions.  The spaces can also be used to highlight emerging artists who Mr. Mann would like to support.
A dedicated space is also reserved for Craig’s in-house studio, where he paints every day with inspiring views of the surrounding mountains.  He also uses the studio as an office for his interior design consultations.
Being a prolific and successful painter, not all of Craig’s paintings can be displayed at the Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery, but a virtual gallery is accessible at any time. 
Here is a 3D rendering of the studio, gallery space, and Painter’s Studio to enjoy before you visit, which can be by appointment anytime:

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Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery
4501 E. Sunny Dunes Rd, Suite B
(entrance on Vella Rd)
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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