'Palm Springs Inspiring' the poem

Here us a poem that is the companion to the 'Palm Springs Inspiring' Art Exhibit.  It summarizes  the different pieces in the show:

From night to light

So much to delight

The heat to meet

Hiding meaning beneath

Our is a place

Not commonplace

Transcending time



Under the Orange Tree


Ode to 2020


If there's one thing good about 2020, the events of the year allowed us to grow outside our comfort zone.  For me, I uncovered this poem I wrote about 17 years ago that surprisingly was very appropriate for the year.  With some minor changes, here is my Ode to 2020.

The wet worry of winter
Washed over me
Like a tsunami after an 8.O
No job, no love, no life
How many more stresses to go?

As I sat in resolution
In a most moonless of midnights
Your golden sun rose.

At first a glint, and then a glimmer
The unmistakable fire
Of a long lost landscape
Rekindled my faith and renewed my hope
Like ice on lips
Long parched from fever.

Are you an angel?
Or are you an omen?
The dawn of a new day?
Or merely the eye of a storm?

This but I know...
Because of you
Sweet songs of summer
Sing in me once more.


Pandemic Evolution

2020 was quite a year.  Little did we know when celebrating in high style the evening of December 31, 2019 what was really in store for us in  2020.  Our interior design business was taking off with a banner year in sales.  Consulting services also provided a steady stream of work.  Then February 2020 hit and literally everything was shut down.  I can't say we were totally prepared for the 'virtual' world, but if anything good was to come out of 2020, it is that the technology met the moment.  

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Who is Roseline?

It started with a photo.  I was preparing for a family reunion and started doing research on my grandfather, Osmundo N. Saguil, Sr. when I uncovered a mystery.

II I found his manifest going back to the Philippines.  He arrived in the United States as a single man, but was traveling back with a young child named Roseline Saguil.  Who was Roseline?

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