An Elevated Painting Experience

I was blessed to be the final raffle winner of the Employee Appreciation/Week of WOW.   The prize was a Painting Party for 3 people at Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery (owned by Craig Mann; husband of Dr. Osmundo Saguil).   The party was planned for Saturday, December 4th and I invited my two local sisters (Renee & Zeta) to accompany me.  I thought, what a wonderful way to celebrate Renee’s birthday and I kept the outing a surprise from both of them.  All they knew was that I won the final DOHC raffle.  They hounded me for weeks to tell them where we were going, but I refused.  The suspense was absolutely killing them. LOL.  I asked them to meet at my house, leave their cars and I drove for the remainder of the day.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by Craig and Dr. Saguil (Ossie as he asked to be called) and handed a very refreshing beverage.  

We then entered the beautiful reception area and I finally told my sisters that the event was a painting party.  They were both thrilled as they had never attended one before and they had the time of their life.  The brunch buffet was amazing filled with delicious appetizers and it gave us so many ideas of items to make for our upcoming family gathering.  The painting theme was ‘Paris’ and we were then presented with French Berets along with an embroidered painters apron when we entered the paint studio.  When Dr. Saguil learned that Renee would be celebrating her birthday, he arranged to serve delicious cupcakes decorated with the Eiffel tower to help celebrate her special day.  They were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.  We were wined, dined, and pampered. We laughed, we cried and we made memories that will last forever.   Every minute was so enjoyable and there is nothing they could have done differently to enhance the day.  Renee said it was her best birthday ever!  I have attended other paint parties but this one by far tops them all.  Thank you DOHC, Dr. Saguil & Craig Mann for the love you made us feel.  I wish that every DOHC employee could experience what we felt during those 2 ½ hours.  Here are a few photos from Saturday.  Thank you!