The Conversation that started 'Super Bloom'

Just before the pandemic lockdowns, we were having a drink at a favorite bar.  We knew the lockdowns were coming because other major cities were issuing the mandates, so we wanted to enjoy one more gathering.  We love sitting and eating at bars because it fosters converation and comraderie with those sittting next to you.  I think it's a given that even strangers who sit next to strangers expect interaction.  I think all bar people know and choose this.

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The Painting Which Started It All

I was reading one of my previous blogs, about one year ago today on October 27, 2020, 'Pandemic Evolution.'  Just like many people, it was an uncertain time for knowing what the future would hold.  

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Art During the Pandemic

As it was for everyone, the pandemic proved an isolating experience.  There was a necessary disconnection between human face-to-face interaction.  This made us find other ways to achieve inspiration to fulfill our creative impulses.  For Craig Mann, it meant painting at home, which proved highly successful in terms of his art which also lead to interior design work to create dynamic spaces to highlight the art.

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'Palm Springs Inspiring' the poem

Here us a poem that is the companion to the 'Palm Springs Inspiring' Art Exhibit.  It summarizes  the different pieces in the show:

From night to light

So much to delight

The heat to meet

Hiding meaning beneath

Our is a place

Not commonplace

Transcending time