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About Us

Mr. Mann’s Design is a family of three unique and related services - interior design, production, and entertainment. All three are tied with a similar focus, which is an artisanal approach to the client’s needs blended thoughtfully and harmoniously. Inspiration is drawn from the complimentary experiences and sensibilities of our two partners, Craig Mann and Ossie Saguil. Our approach enhances and adds depth to each of the services. READ MORE 

Interior Design

Drawing from varied influences, the Interior Design team creates a
unique product tailored to the client’s personality and lifestyle.


Using the same design principles, we can also produce special events
to create a memorable experience for your guests.


Adding a unique depth to productions, Craig Mann is an
accomplished singer with a broad range of styles and influences.

By weaving together a bespoke approach, Mr. Mann's Design offers the client a depth of services like no other.
Whether Interior Design or Production or Entertainment, the brand of Mr. Mann's Design becomes acquired, thoughtful, and mellifluous.

Our Educated Approach

Education was valued in my family, and seeking higher knowledge was an expectation.

Interestingly, what I have discovered in mid-life after all the degrees and titles, is that education is much more than formal schooling.

Have you ever gone away from a conversation with a person obviously of high intellect and degree and found yourself saying ‘boy, they have a lot to learn’?  Or ‘they sure can talk, but they have no clue’?

That’s because a formal education, despite being a necessary expectation, doesn’t complete the learning process necessary to have a fulfilling life and a successful career.

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From the blog...

Fashionable Predictions

From what I’ve been trending, I’m ready to make predictions about what we’ll be seeing, wearing, and eating.  Trends are cyclical as generations come and go.  So it makes sense that the latest generation is probably not aware of the previous styles. What is old becomes fresh to the eyes of the naïve. 

What do you think of these predictions?

  1. Sunken living rooms. Both comforting and sexy, I love the drama sunken living rooms convey. They do look a bit dangerous in the dark, but good lighting solves that.  I’ve seen them convert into an entire bed area for your extra ‘guests’.  How naughty.
  2. Pleats I hate them, but I think there will be a revolution against tightly fitted clothing and slim fits.  They will be hemmed shorter, just to irritate people further.
  3. Filipino food. Oft derided or limited to duck embryo, more and more Filipino restaurants are featured in urban areas, such as Maharlika in New York City, or Irenia in Orange County or Bad Saint in Washington, D.C.  The food is an interesting balance of flavors not normally tasted: tart, bitter, salty, sweet.  It makes for a fresh perspective on cuisine.
  4. Shoulder pads. Maybe not the gigantic shoulder pads of the 80’s, shoulder pads are a subtler recreation.  Also associated with plunging necklines, they confidence in the person wearing them.  Ready for battle!
  5. Wood. Gold and silver all done, now it’s wood’s turn.  Except in modern interpretations such as patterns and mixtures of wood types.  Look out for parquet and chevrons.

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